You may think that having a wireless security system placed in your home is a major expense, but think about this- the average break-in can cost a homeowner several thousands of dollars. The worst cost is your freedom in your own home should a break-in ever happen to you. Having wireless home security brings you peace of mind and can potentially save you a lot of money. Learn why this investment should be important to you.

Your Home Insurance Is Cheaper

Why You Should Invest in the Best Wireless Home Security System You Can Afford

Your home insurance rate is based upon how much of a risk you pose as a client. If you have the best wireless home security system on the market, you are letting your insurance company know that you are taking measures to keep your home safe from predators. This makes you a lesser risk client, which in turn gives you cheaper home insurance. Before long, what you’ve spent on wireless home protection is returned to you by the money you save on cheaper home insurance.

Your House Is More Valuable

Why You Should Invest in the Best Wireless Home Security System You Can Afford

Not only does having wireless home security make your home cheaper to insure, it raises your home’s overall value as well. If you want to sell your home, buyers take in the wireless security a benefit and are willing to pay more for its convenience and offering of safety. If you are not in the market to sell your home, you can still benefit from the added value if you ever choose to re-finance your home or borrow against it.

You Can Cover Home Damages Easier

The best wireless home security system doesn’t just protect your home from being broken into, it protects your home from other damage as well. When a neighbor accidentally chips your window mowing their lawn or a stranger backs their car into your mailbox, your wireless security cameras will catch the damage on film. When presented to the police and your home insurance company you will be held liable. Without proof that you didn’t cause damage to your home yourself, you’d be stuck paying out of your own pocket to get these things fixed.

Why You Should Invest in the Best Wireless Home Security System You Can Afford

You Keep Guests In Line

When you have the best wireless home security system watching all areas of your property, people are more likely to be on their best behavior when visiting your home. Babysitters are less likely to leave your children unattended while they play video games or watch TV, and housekeepers are more likely to perform their household duties more thoroughly. Teenage guests can be left alone and trusted to stay out of mischief when they know you can log in and wirelessly view their activities at any time. This peace of mind knowing that people in your home are on their best behavior is worth any price of a wireless security system.

Your Car Is Protected, Too

It’s not just your home you want to worry about. Your car can fall victim to a break-in as well. A car is stolen every 2 minutes, and without security, even your locked car is vulnerable to opportunistic criminals. Thieves love to break into or steal cars, hoping to land a cool stereo system or purse left behind. With the best wireless home security system watching your driveway, your vehicle is less likely to get broken into or stolen. You can report any foul activity near or in your vehicle as soon as you view it on your wireless system, so the police can catch a would-be thief quickly and save your vehicle.

There are many reasons why investing in the best wireless home security is beneficial to you. You make your money back quickly in reducing your home insurance rates, and you get the comfort of knowing anyone in or around your home are being watched every second. As you explore your wireless security options, think about the many ways you benefit from investing in the very best system you can afford.

Installing home security provides many benefits to you as a homeowner. You get to feel confident knowing that your home is 300% less likely to be burglarized than your neighbors who don’t have added security for their homes. You also can feel great about protecting your car and other items on your property. It’s no question that having home security is beneficial to you. One question you may have, however, it exactly which type of system to get. If you don’t know whether a wireless or traditional security system is better for you, compare them side-by-side to learn the benefits of each. Here are things you can consider to help you make your final decision.


A traditional home security system is often a one-time fee for install. You pay for the cameras to be installed in your home, and are in control of monitoring their use on your own. A wireless service requires a monthly fee so you can check on your system any time you choose from a smartphone, desktop computer, or other wireless device. If cost is a concern with security systems, wireless may not be your best option.

User Control

If you want greater control over your security system, you may want to go with wireless. You can have your home installed with security cameras you can monitor from anywhere with wireless connection. You can also upgrade your service to connect you to your home’s lighting so you can place them on a timer. Timed lighting allows you to turn on porch lights and other lights in your home without having to be present, which can trick thieves into believing you are home even when you are away for days. In short, wireless is the best option for you if you want to have more control over your security options. Your home security specialist can help you pick the right options for your home based on your needs and budget.

Ease Of Installation

Security Systems: Wireless or Traditional?

Both wireless and traditional security systems can be installed in your home in a single day, but traditional security systems are more basic in design. This makes them much easier to install. If your goal is to have security for your home as quickly as possible, then a traditional system may work best for you. Talk to your home security specialist to see what kinds of easy-to-install systems are available for optimum home security so you can protect your home and family as soon as possible.


As mentioned above, wireless home security gives you a few more options than a traditional system does. In addition to being able to control when your lights turn on and off, you can also have your security system provide other benefits as well, including thermostat control and the ability to turn on and off faucets in your home. These added benefits may cost extra in your monthly service, but come in handy when you are out of town for several days and want to keep your home comfortable.

There are options with a traditional system as well, including having a key-coded alarm system in place for your doors along with video surveillance. When it comes to options, which system works best for your needs is dependent upon what you want your security to include.

All-around Security

Security Systems: Wireless or Traditional?

Do you want to have security that includes fire and smoke alarms? If so, you may want to consider an integrated system. This can be done with both a traditional and wireless system, however combining services is far more common with wireless. It’s very easy with wireless security to combine fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide protection in just one simple install. Another benefit to choosing wireless for this need is that your security company will alert you and the authorities if your alarms ever go off. When it comes to this kind of home security, wireless may be your best choice.


You want your home security system to be nearly fail-proof. Most traditional home security systems rely on your phone lines to operate, which means they can fail to work if your phone lines go down in a storm or other disaster. Since wireless systems work by satellite, they can be far more reliable. This peace of mind may make installing a wireless system worth it to you.

Security Systems: Wireless or Traditional?

As you can see, there are many factors to consider when choosing between a wireless or traditional home security system for your property. Both options are designed to protect your home and family against theft and other dangers. It all depends upon how much money you have to spend, what kinds of options you want, and how much control you want to have with your system to determine which will work best for you. If you still can’t decide between wireless or traditional home security after weighing your concerns, your home security specialist can assist you further.

Getting home security is a wonderful thing. You make your home 300% less likely to be burglarized, and you get the comfort of knowing that you can keep watch of your house no matter where you are. Security companies take special care to make sure you feel protected using their systems, and want you to be satisfied with their service. Before you have a security system installed in your home, there are a few things you as a homeowner need to do so you can have everything you want and need.

Make A List Of Why You Want Home Security

You want to write down exactly why you want security for your home so the company you choose can help you pick the right system for your needs. Some of the reasons you may want home security include:

  • Protection for your home when you are out of town
  • Added security watching pets and children in and around the home
  • The ability to place lights on timers
  • Smoke and fire protection
  • Being able to wirelessly view camera footage
  • Home insurance rate reductions

Write down all the reasons you want home security installation performed in your house. Show this list to your home security specialist, and they can help you choose the very best system for your needs.

Prepare Your Finances

There are 2 ways you can purchase home security. You can make payments every single month to rent your services just like you do with your cable or power, or you can buy a system outright and then pay for the usage. Either way, you will want to make sure that you have the funds available to pay for home security so your service never gets interrupted. It’s a good idea to save a few months’ worth of service to set aside prior to having home security installed in your home.

Preparing for Home Security Installation

Talk To Your Home Insurance Company

You should let your home insurance agent know that you are having a home security system installed in your home. Since this makes you a lower risk client, your home insurance should become cheaper as a result. Your home insurance agent will also want to note in your accounts just what type of security system you will be using (alarms, wireless, security cameras, etc) so they can adjust coverage on your belongings as needed. You may even find that you can place added coverage on your car and fine jewelry since you are adding extra precautions to protect these possessions.

Get Your Home Ready For A Tour

Before installing any cameras and alarm systems in your home, your home security company will want to visit your home. They will want to view every room in your house and the surrounding property so they can determine where cameras should go. As you take the company specialists on a tour of your home, let them know certain areas that you would like cameras to be visible at. Areas to consider include your front and back doors, over your garage, and in your basement for visible camera coverage. Security companies also supply window stickers and yard signs that tell the world that your home is being protected by their survives. Thieves are less likely to even attempt going into a home if they have visible security cameras and signs in place.

Preparing for Home Security Installation

Research The System You Are Getting

Your home security company will educate you on how to use your new security system, but you want to educate yourself a bit on how your system will work before it’s installed. If you are getting a wireless system that allows you to place your lights on timed switches, you want to know how to do this and which apps to download. You want to know how to activate and turn off alarms for fire and smoke damage. You also want to know how to log in and check on your security cameras wirelessly from your phone, tablet, or home computer. The more you know about your system prior to having it installed, the less overwhelming it will be to use it once you have it actively running in your home.

Schedule An Install Date

Depending on the type of security system you are getting and how large your home is, home security installation can take the better part of a day. In some instances, it can take 2 days or more to fully complete an installation project. Schedule a date for installation ahead of time so you can make arrangements for pets and children. You don’t want to be in the way when your home is being fitted for security. You also want to schedule installation for a day when you can be home, so if there are any concerns or furnishings need to be moved around, you can be available to assist. Some companies are willing to install your system in the evenings or on a weekend to make it easier for you to be home.

Let Your Neighbors Know You Are Getting A Security System

Preparing for Home Security Installation

Finally, you will want to let your neighbors know you are having home security installation performed on your property. Having home security for you is beneficial to neighbors that are close, since activity around surrounding properties may be caught on your security cameras. Your neighbors should know you have a system in place so if any foul activity is suspected in your neighborhood, your cameras can be checked to see if thieves and vandals have been caught on film.

Another reason to let your neighbors know you are getting a security system is to help encourage them to do the same. Once they know you can afford to get a system and how noninvasive the installation is, more people in your area may be tempted to make their homes safer too. This can help make your whole neighborhood less attractive to intruders and create a safer community for everyone.

When you are ready to have a home security system installed in your home, you can make the process much easier if you are prepared. Some of the preparations will be done with the security company by your side, such as touring your home and scheduling an install date. Other measures are ones you can take on your own, including learning more about your system prior to install and letting your neighbors know you have added security coming into your home. With the right preparation, you can be ready for the security system of your choosing, and always feel confident that your home is protected. With the aid of your security company specialists, you can soon be on your way to optimum home protection.

If you want the maximum protection for your home, an integrated security program may be best. There are many benefits of an integrated system. Learn about a few of them here, so you can have the best protection for your home.

Benefits of Integrated Security Systems for Your Home

Many Kinds Of Protection

Integrated security systems are designed to protect your home against fire, burglary, and other dangerous occurrences. Using a single system, you can have smoke and fire protection and security for the interior and exterior of your property. You don’t have to worry about replacing or updating smoke alarms or carbon monoxide detectors in addition to having home security when you use an integrated system.

Benefits of Integrated Security Systems for Your Home

Easy To Install And Use

Many security systems are able to be installed in a single day, and all of them can be used rather quickly. Rather than having to remember to replace smoke alarm batteries and change lights outside your home, with a security system in place that protects you against everything, all you have to do is pay for your monthly service. If you don’t know how to use your integrated system, your security company specialists can walk you through the steps to operate it successfully. You can also research your security system online to educate yourself on the many features of your new system.

Reliable Service

Integrated security systems make all your protective efforts more reliable. Traditional smoke alarms can fail or go off falsely, and simply locking your doors alone won’t keep thieves at bay. Integrated services are reliable even when power is out; leaving you feeling like your family is in good hands every day. If any of your alarms go off in your home, you and the authorities are immediately contacted so help can be on its way as soon as possible.

Benefits of Integrated Security Systems for Your Home

If you want several types of protection for your home, such as alarms for fire, carbon monoxide, and protection against thieves, then an integrated security system is just what you need. You can talk to your home security specialist to see just which system will work best for your concerns so your home has the right kind of protection you desire.

Every 13 seconds someone’s home gets broken into. This alarming statistic should have you concerned about your own home’s safety. You may lock your doors when you are not home but crafty thieves can still find their way into your dwelling and potentially put you and your family in danger. Luckily there are ways you can place added security on your property to keep everyone safe. Learn about 3 ways you can enjoy video security on your property to keep your family and property free from thievery.

3 Ways You Can Enjoy Video Security Systems for Home Use

Video Surveillance Allows You To Watch Guests

Video security systems for home use allow you to capture what is going on in real time. If you have a housekeeper, babysitter, or even friends visiting your home, you want to be able to keep an eye on them at all times. With video surveillance watching their every move, you can capture any foul activity on camera, be it a housekeeper pocketing change left on your counter or a babysitter snooping through your bedroom. While these occurrences are hopefully rare, you don’t want to be left vulnerable to opportunities your guests may take in your own home.

3 Ways You Can Enjoy Video Security Systems for Home Use

Obvious Security Keeps Thieves At Bay

Video security is meant to be obvious when placed on your property so thieves know right away your home is not an easy target. If you have video security systems for home use on your property, you are 300% less likely to become a victim of theft than other houses around you that don’t have the same security that you do. Home security companies make sure that your cameras are placed in areas that not only give you the best surveillance of your property, but allow would-be thieves to see instantly that your home is protected so they move on to a more vulnerable target. In addition to placing video cameras in clear sight, they also provide signage for your yard announcing that your home is protected by their company. This sign tells thieves that your home will not fall victim to their ill intentions.

Video Surveillance Catches All Illegal Activities

Sometimes thieves don’t even enter your home to cause damage. They may rifle through your garbage looking for personal information they can use to steal your identity, or they may break a window or cause damage to your doors before giving up and moving on to another home. If you have videos placed on and around your home, you can catch these illegal activities and have pertinent information to offer the police and your insurance company so all damage can be accounted for.

3 Ways You Can Enjoy Video Security Systems for Home Use

There are many benefits to having video surveillance on your property. Whether you want to keep an eye on your frequent visitors, make your home less visually appealing to thieves, or even catch negative behaviors on camera, having video security keeps your home protected well. A security company can provide you with the right amount of security cameras to keep your home safe, so you can rest assured that your property always has a set of watchful eyes on it.